Name Location Topic Kind of Presentation
Ammon, Maria Berlin/Munich, Germany Human structural dance Workshop
Celik, Aysin Turpoglu Istanbul, Turkey Use of expressive arts therapy techniques in working with trauma and vaginismus Workshop
Gemmer, Ingo Düsseldorf, Germany Identity diagnostics by data based processing - the technical side for diagnosis based working with people living in larger social institutions Workshop
Reitz, Gertraud Munich, Germany The changing body image of traumatized patients in humanstructural dance therapy Workshop (with video)
Müller, P. Düsseldorf, Germany Ambulatory emergency service for personality disordered patients Workshop
Leutz, Grete Überlingen, Germany The development of early psychic disturbances considering the dynamics of interaction and roll theoretical aspects Workshop
Rösing, Wilhelm; Marita Barthel-Rösing; Markus J. Adams Bremen, Germany Überleben im Terror - Ernst Federns Geschichte Movie