Lecturer Location Title of Symposium Topic
Bahne-Bahnson, Claus Kiel, Germany/Danmark The trauma of serious somatic disease. The attachment to other persons and the defences mobilized determine the outcome.
Bhagat, Narendra; Mishra, J. P. Chandil, Jharkhand, India Social Support, Coping and Behavioural Stress in Modern Era
Bihler, Thomas München, Germany Borderline Therapy in Dynamic Psychiatry from the Perspective of Attachment Theory
Fabian, Egon München, Germany A dynamic psychiatric hospital in changing times
Finke, Gisela Munich, Germany Psychotherapy research and personality disorders Outcome and follow-up of the treatment of personality disorders
Funk, Walter München, Germany Dynamische Psychiatrie und medikamentöse Behandlung
Hermelink, Daniel München, Germany Impatient treatment of personality disorders in a dynamical psychiatric hospital
Jaklewicz, Hanna; Retowski, Sylwiusz Warszawa, Poland Adolescents in the face of terrorism - psychological perspective
Kawahara et al. Tottori, Japan Naikan Therapy
Leßner, Erwin Munich, Germany Elements of attachment theory in primary group dynamic concepts
Minj, Diwakar/Mishra, J. P. Chandil, Jharkhand, India Mental Health, Family Dynamics and Changing Historical View
Mishra, J. P.; Shailendra Kumar Singh; Amar Chandil, Jharkhand, India Psychology and mission of life - a holistic paradigm
Müller-Fahrnow, Werner; Schimpf, Sabine Berlin, Germany The impact of live events on the course and outcome of rehabilitation treatment
Namyslowska, Irena, Tyano, Sam Warszawa, Poland Attachment in Infant, Children and Adolescents Attachment in Hospitalized Adolescent Patient
Ofek, E.; Pratt, H. Haifa, Israel   The reflection of past negative events in the brain of today
Primbas, Rita München, Germany   Anorexia nervosa from a dynamic psychiatric point of view. A case study.
Sinha, S. K.; Mishra, J. P. Chandil, Jharkhand, India   Transitional scenario and problem of mental health
Stalekar, V.; Borovecki, Jaovljev Zagreb, Croatia   The Influence of childhood trauma on the object relations in adulthood - a case report
Vassiljewa, Anja; Poltorak, S. V. St. Petersburg, Russia   PTSD in the time of global instability in the society of Russia
Wolfrum, Gerhard München, Germany Psychotherapeutic experiences with dissociative patients (with case-studies) Lecture
Wottrich, Karin München, Germany Acting out in adolescent psychotherapy
Wriedt, Elke; Brück, Ursula Munich, Germany Therapeutic process in a children psychoanalytical group therapy (age 9-11)
Yamaguchi, Takashi; Hui-Lii Huang, Chia-Wei March, Chun-Mei Fu, I-li Tung, Shu-Fen Chen, Miao-Hui Tsai, Chia-Hsing Tu, Shu-Chen Wut, Schwuling Jang, Fang-Rong Chang, Wen-Chen ou-Yang Doh, Taiwan Group psychotherapeutic work in Asian countries Play and talk groups by use of tunnel cubes (Kugelbahan) among schizophrenics at the day care ward, JNPH
Hsiu-Chin Tsui, Chien-Cheng Kuo, Zhao-Yue Huang, R.N. and Takashi Yamaguchi Doh, Taiwan Group psychotherapeutic work in Asian countries Use of key words in supervision of group psychotherapy
Yip, Kam-Shing Hongkong, China A psychodynamic view on an adolescent with borderline personality with self-mutilation
Zimmermann, Anita Düsseldorf, Germany   Salutogenetic Importance of Balintgroups

Key Lectures