Name Location Topic Kind of Presentation
Alexandrov, Arthur; E. Mandritsa St. Petersburg, Russia Characteristics of the attachment in the process of psychotherapy in the patients with neurotic and personality disturbances Lecture
Aleksandrowicz, Jerzy; Sobanski, J. Cracow, Poland Effectiveness of cognitive, psychodynamic and integrative psychotherapies - comparative study Lecture
Ammon, Maria Berlin/München, Germany Early traumatizing in schizophrenia and treatment consequences Lecture
Ammon, Maria Berlin/München, Germany Transgenerational transmission and personality development Lecture
Apfelthaler, Rita Munich, Germany Results of Rorschach test by a highly traumatised patietn. A case study. Lecture
Bar-el, Juan Haifa, Israel Couples of two people with schizophrenia, an additional burden or a blessing? Lecture
Bar-el, Juan; Geiger, Brenda Haifa, Israel Love among shizophrenic couples Lecture
Bhagat, Rajni; Mishra, J. P. Chandil, Jharkhand, India Holistic Approach of Personality Disorders in Modern Era Lecture
Biran, Hanna; Hasharon, Ramat Israel Panel with Palestinians and Israelis Panel
Buda, Béla Budapest, Hungary Perspectives of Life Span Development of Ego and Identity. Implications for prevention, self help and social/re/integration Lecture
Bulut, Isil Ankara, Turkey Social Work with Hemodialysis Patient Lecture
von Bülow, Gabriele Berlin, Germany Psychoanalysis of Transgenerational Traumata, with Case-Studies Lecture
von Bülow, Gabriele Berlin, Germany The importance of therapeutic relationship in traumatherapy Lecture
Burbiel, Ilse; Finke, Gisela München, Germany The dynamic psychiatric concept of Borderline therapy in comparison with other models of treatment Lecture
Busch, Angela München, Germany Some aspects of Sandor Ferenczis understanding of traumatisation Lecture
Carleton, John L. St. Barbara, California The Genesis of Human Maladaptivity: the Need for the Creation of a New System for Diagnostic Labeling Lecture
Carmi, Amnon Haifa, Israel Different approaches to ethics education Lecture
Carmi, Amnon Haifa, Israel Trauma in courtroom: The Judge, the patient and the society Lecture
Celik, Aysin Turpoglu Istambul, Turkey Use of Expressive Arts Therapy Tecniques in Working with Trauma and Vaginismus Workshop
Christie, George; Morgan, Ann Kew Vic., Australia A co-therapy couple engage with unexplained infertility Lecture
Dimitrieva, Tatjana; Poloshij, Boris Moscow, Russia Social stress factors and individual personality traits in development and dynamics of different psychic illnesses Lecture
Drapeau, Marie Montreal, Canada A treatment modality for patients suffering from severe and persistent mental disorders: Creative art therapy group program Lecture
Düsing, Edith Köln, Germany Selection of Research Contributions Lecture
Dworschak, Monika München, Germany Lecture
Ebrahim, et al. München, Germany Stationäre Therapie Jugendlicher in der Klinik Menterschwaige Lecture
Fabian, Egon München, Germany Hate and Identity. A Dynamic Psychiatric Approach Lecture
Fazekas, Agnes Budapest, Hungary The most important thing is that the family should keep together Poster
Finke, Gisela Munich, Germany Outcome and follow-up of the treatment of personality disorders Lecture
Flader, Dieter Berlin, Germany The traumatized child, patterns of a narcissistic relationship, and the crisis of modern society Lecture
Flaker, Vito Ljubljana,Slovenia Social, psychological and economic problems involved in the process of restructuring a traditional long stay institution Lecture
Gemmer, Ingo Düsseldorf, Germany Twelve distinguishable identity disorders - result of diagnostic research Lecture
Gökler, Bahar Ankara, Turkey Trauma as a risk factor for personality development Lecture
Gökler, Bahar Ankara, Turkey Transgenerational transmission of trauma Lecture
Göring, Albrecht München, Germany Traumatic historical influences on genda development of men Short Lecture
Göring, Albrecht München, Germany About different types of leadership in group psychotherapy Short Lecture
Gusseva, O. V. St. Petersburg, Russia Integration of dynamic psychotherapy and psychopharmacotherapy to the treatment of in-patients with endogenous psychoses Lecture
Haehn, Karin Bavaria, Germany A view on family dynamics from a psychiatric experienced person Lecture
Hermelink, Bettina München, Germany Lecture
Heyden, Saskia; Roschat Heidi München, Germany Personality supporting process by milieu-therapeutic project work in a therapeutic living community of Dynamic Psychiatry. A single case study. Lecture
Horst, Meinhart Heidelberg, Germany Dynamic Psychiatry as research program Lecture
Kappéter, István Tápiógyörgye, Hungary Personality changes after an essential change of the milieu Lecture
Karvassarski, Boris St. Petersburg, Russia The main psychotherapeutic strategies in Russian psychothery at the beginning of the 21st Century
Keleman, Gabor Pécs, Hungary Repairing of the attachment bond of substance abusers within a therapeutic community Lecture
Kiem, Petra Berlin, Germany Problems of attachment in the therapeutic relationship with patients adopted in childhood (case-study) Lecture
Knobel, Mauricio Campinas, Brasil Diagnosis and Questionning. Treatment of Personality Disorders Lecture
Kölling, Wolfram Stiefenhofen, Germany Conflicts of shame and their meaning for transpersonal psychology Lecture
Korolenko, Ts. P.; Zagorujko, E.; Korolenko, T. A. Novosibirsk, Russland Self-mutilation, suicide and rage-type violence in patients with borderline personality disorder Lecture
Küey, Levent Istanbul, Turkey I, myself and others: violence and hope Lecture
Landmann, Karen New York, USA Treating survivors of mass trauma: lessons from September 11 Lecture
Laungani, Pittu London, United Kingdom Trauma and Mental Illness: Cross-cultural paradigms Lecture
Lautenschläger, Ruth Berlin, Germany Professional development of patients with early childhood trauma in a therapeutic living community Lecture
Laurinaitis, Eugenijus; Czeslaw Czabala Warszawa, Poland Psychotherapy in the Central Europe Lecture
Leßner, Erwin München, Germany Elements of attachment theory in primary group dynamic concepts Lecture
Lautenschläger, Ruth Berlin, Germany Professional development of patients with early childhood trauma in a therapeutic living community. Lecture
Leutz, Grete Anna Überlingen, Germany The psychodramatic Spontaneity Theory of Child Development - an intersubjective approach to early trauma, attachment and the development of the self Lecture
Lothane, Zivi Paul Schreber on his own terms, or the lessons of Schreber Lecture
Lutova, Natalia Russia The role of psychodynamic parameters of the subjective evaluations of schizophrenic patient’s quality of life Lecture
Maaz, H.-J. Halle, Germany Disturbance of motherhood as early traumatisation and its consequences for personal development Lecture
Meiraz, Rami Haifa, Israel Compulsory admission to hospital as a way of beginning therapeutic process Lecture
Mikhailov, Vladimir St. Petersburg, Russia Stigmatization and Quality of Life of Patients with Epilepsy: Interdependence between the Two Problems Lecture
Mishra, J. P. Chandil, Jharkhand, India Peace Psychology: Retrospect and Prospect. Lecture
Moussaoui, Driss Casablanca, Marocco Jean Delay, first president of the WPA, and psychoanalysis Lecture
Müller, P. Göttingen, Germany Differentiation of neurotic diseases versus personality disorders and the consequences for therapeutic treatment Lecture
Neznanov, N. G. St. Petersburg, Russia Medical and social problems of aggression with psychic ill patients Lecture
Omigbodun, Olayinka Ibadan, Nigeria Lecture
Rakovskaya, Galina Orenburg, Russia Dance Therapy: influence on self-development of personality Lecture
Reitz, Gertraud; Hessel, Thomas München, Germany Experiences and new results of the work with living communities of the Dynamic Psychiatry Lecture
Rettenberger, Maria München, Germany Attachment disorder and complex traumatisation in a patient suffering from personality disorder; a psychotherapeutic case study Lecture
Rokyta, Ute Berlin, Germany Treatment of survivors of war and torture Lecture
Rosca, Paola Jerusalem, Israel Conflict of identity - a core issue in the integrative treatment of rescuers of terror attacks in Israel Lecture
Schmidts, Rolf; Hegmann, Anna München, Germany Large group and cultural memory Lecture
Schmolke, Margit München, Germany/New York, USA Embedding of protective factors and risiliance in a dynamic health and treatment concept Lecture
Schuller, Alexander Berlin, Germany Memory resurging Lecture
Selinger, Rudolf Düsseldorf, Germany Organisational Structure and Group Dynamics Lecture
Sharma, Shridar Dehli, India Problem based Psychotherapy in Psychosocial Problems manifesting as functional Complaints Lecture
Sinha, Subodh Kuma; Mishra, J. P. Chandil, Jharkhand, India Transitional Scenario and Problem of Mental Health. Lecture
Smolik, Petr Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Evolution of sleep and dreams: recent views and connections to the development of brain and behavior Lecture
Sochacki, J.; Kokoszka, Andrzej Warszawa, Poland The General Neurotic Syndrome as the predictor of the symptom relief and changes in defence mechanisms in short-term psychotherapy Lecture
Splete, Renate München, Germany Lecture
Stadler, Monika San Giuseppe d. C., Italien Traumaarbeit in der integralen Tanz- und Ausdruckstherapie Short Lecture
Stritih, Bernhard Ljubljana, Slovenia Helping trauma resolution in a social context Lecture
Tal, Ilona Haifa, Israel Group treatment modalities according to ethnical background of mentally ill patients Lecture
Tezuka, Chizuko Japan Naikan Therapy from an trancultural psychiatry perspective Lecture
Thome, Astrid München, Germany New Aspects of Freud's Concept of the Death Instinct Lecture
Thome, Astrid; Heyden, Saskia; Kern, Heinz; Fischer, Herbert; Richartz, Dore; Roschat, Heidi; Witte, Anita München, Germany Dissociative Symptoms, Trauma and Ressources... a Psychological Examination in the Therapeutic Communities of the Dynamic Psychiatry in Munich Lecture
Urban, Martin Esslingen, Germany Can psychoanalysis integrate attachment theory? Lecture
Urban, Martin Esslingen, Germany Compensatory attachment development – a new paradigm for psychotherapy and psychiatry Lecture
Urlic, Ivan Split, Kroatia Lecture
Urspruch, Ingeborg München, Germany The development of an ability for making peace in psychotherapeutic treatment Lecture
Verma, Jyoti Patna, India Migration and Cultural Conflicts Lecture
Virgil-Radu, Enatescu Timisoara, Rumänien Principled convergences between psychodynamics and the informational model of the psychic levels Lecture
Welldon, Estela V. London, England Deception as an Artistic Endeavour. Trauma in negative ways or to metabolise in positive ways Lecture
Wied, Victor St. Petersburg, Russia The problem of drug compliance in the modern psychiatry Lecture
Winkelmann, Ulrike München, Germany Borderline Situations in Group Psychotherapy Lecture
Witte, Anita; Richartz, Dorothea München, Germany The relevance of the large group for therapeutic living communities Lecture
Wolfrum, Gerhard München, Germany The relationship between biographical ensured risk factors and compensatory protective factors and treatment consequences Lecture
Zaloutskaia, N. St. Petersburg, Russia SA comparative analysis of central personal functions of parents of patients with endogenous psychosis and healthy Russia’s population Lecture

Key Lectures