Opening Lectures and Key Lectures

Name Location Topic Kind of Presentation
Ammon, Maria; Bomba, Jacek Berlin/München, Germany
Cracow, Poland
Dynamic psychiatry developed by Günter Ammon Opening Lecture
Battegay, Raymond Basel, Switzerland Intra-Family Trauma, Ambivalent Attachment and Psychic Disorders Key Lecture
Burbiel, Ilse München, Germany Trauma therapeutic aspects in dynamic psychiatry Key Lecture
Grossmann, Karin Regensburg, Germany Early experiences in the family and later ability to make affectional bonds Key Lecture
Kabanov, Modest St. Petersburg, Russia Rehabilitation of psychic illness in Dynamic Psychiatry Opening Lecture
Kokoszka, Andrzej Warszawa, Poland Corrected experiences of values and change of defense mechanisms in psychotherapy Key Lecture
Mezzich, Juan New York, USA Trauma, Stress and Comprehensive Diagnosis Opening Lecture
Orwid, Maria; Tyano, Shmouel Cracow, Poland
Tel Aviv, Israel
Post traumatic stress disorders acute phase and long term effects Plenary Key Lecture (Panel)
Pines, Malcolm London, England Shame-ful depressions Key Lecture

Key Lectures