List of Lectures (March 29 2007)

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Buda, Béla

WADP – 25 years of development


Ammon, Maria

The importance of creative dimensions in the dynamic psychiatric treatment concept

Battegay, Raymond

Psychotherapy as a mean of self-realization within the norms of modern society

Burbiel, Ilse/Schmolke, Margit

The concept of health in dynamic psychiatry

Dmitrieva; Tatjana B.

Grossmann, Karin

Patterns of attachment and clinical work

Grossmann, Klaus E.

The development of maladaptations in relationships

Harding, Courtenay

New views of schizophrenia

Hüther, Gerald

Psychotherapy and the transformation of novel experiences into novel neuronal connectivity patterns

Karvasarsky, Boris A.

Science and humanism: keys for psychiatric diagnostic and care

Mezzich, Juan

Psychiatry for the person and dynamic psychiatry

Neznanov, Nikolaj

Biopsychosocial models in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Rogers; Rita

Psychiatry: New dimensions – old dilemmas

Sartorius, N.

Mental disorders in the 21. century

Tyano, Sam

What is new in infant psychiatry?


Aleksandrov, A. A./Abramova

Personality traits of subjects with attempted suicides through self-poisoning


Clinical complexity of neurotic and borderline diseases

Aleksandrowicz, Jerzy W.

Hypnosis in fMRI

Ammon, Maria/Bihler, Thomas

Transgenerational transmission in schizophrenia

Ammon, Maria

Dance therapy in Dynamic Psychiatry

Bar-el, Juan/Geiger, Brenda

Physical contact therapies as integral for the treatment of schizophrenia

Bar-el, Juan/Tarab, Karina

Recidivation in mentally ill offenders. The impact of rehabilitation.

Bahne Bahnson, Claus

Impact of the new age sciences on our therapeutic thought

Betz, Gabriele

Overcoming role fixations in a self experience group

Bihler, Thomas

The application of classic attachment theory in the therapy of borderline disorders

Botbol, Michel

How a communautary treatment with borderline patients can become a psychotherapy through the environment

Brand Flu, Ruth

When computers crash. Psychosis in people with learning difficulties or an autistic spectrum disorder

Brand Flu, Ruth

Not every cough is a cold and not every lump is cancer. Professional misconceptions in late diagnosis autism. (KV)

Buda, Béla

Social energy – a revolutionary concept of therapy and its new interpretations and evidences

Burbiel, Ilse

Some general aspects of trauma group psychotherapy

Burbiel, Ilse/Rettenberger, Maria

Group conflict in dance therapy: attempt of group dynamic integration

Bülow, Gabriele von

Chronic fatigue syndrome: psychodynamic and psychotherapeutic aspects – a case study

Christel, Alberque/Paco, Prada/ Ariel, Eytan

Implanting a medial psychiatric unit in Geneva, Switzerland

Cancro, Robert

The implications of imaging for diagnosis and treatment

Carmi, Amnon

What is new in ethics education in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Coric, Branko

The leader (therapist) in group psychotherapy

Cunningham, Tim

Caboodle House: the life of an autonomous therapeutic community

Dworschak, Monika

Analytic milieu and Günter Ammon’s concept of creativity

Engelhardt, Barbara

The humanstructural dance and it’s meaning for the development of creativity

Fabian, Egon

Identity and psychotherapy today. Ammon’s concept of identity therapy revised

Fabian, Egon

The significance of group dynamics for the impatient psychotherapy in the Hospital Menterschwaige, Munich – a clinical illustration of Günter Ammon’s concept of Dynamic Psychiatry

Fabian, Egon

On the differentiated use of humor and joke in psychotherapy

Fink, Hildegard

Working with parents in a psychoanalytic kindergarten exemplified by a children’s execution (KV)

Finke, Gisela

Outcome evaluation of impatient short term psychotherapy

Fischer, Renate

Groupdynamic and creative aspects of inpatient theatre therapy

Funk, Walter/Hoffmann, Nataly/ Fischer, Renate

The implementation of a short-term psychotherapy into the Dynamic Psychiatric Hospital Menterschwaige

Flader, Dieter

The brain and the unconscious – can Freudian psychoanalysis find a scientific fundament within the frame of modern neuro-sciences as proposed by Gerhard Roth?

Göring, Albrecht

Androgynity and it’s perspectives in society

Göring, Albrecht

Different styles of guiding a group

Göring, Annette

Group dynamics and psychodynamics of women with premature infants - a qualitative approach

Goncalves, Eduardo

(Social) Functions of melancholia and ambivalence

Grossmann, Klaus E.

The development of maladaptation in relationships

Guzek, Andrzej

Contemporary attitudes towards death and dying – ethical, philosophical, psychological problems and their influence on the doctor-patient relationship

The history and development of consultation – liaison psychiatry/synonyms: psychiatry in general medicine, general hospital psychiatry with special concern for it’s situation in Poland

Hermelink, Daniel

Integration of a trauma stabilization group into a dynamic psychiatric hospital

Hermelink, Bettina/Hermelink, Daniel

Processes of identity development of a patient with Dissociative Personality Disorder

Heyden, Saskia/Kern, Heinz

Therapeutic factors of Dynamic Psychiatric therapeutic living communities - the role of the psychologist

Hinrichs, Reimer

New forms of outpatient psychotherapy with drug addictive patients in Germany

Ierodiakonou-Benou, Ioanna

Combined psychodynamic psychotherapy with drug treatment in schizophrenia - a psychoanalytic view

Kassinove, Howard/Whitney, Ian M.

Forgiveness interventions for adult anger disorders


Psychiatric reform in Russia in the last 15 years

Kehl, Monika

The importance of termination of a project in analytic milieu therapy

Kekelidze, Z.

Organization of psychological psychiatric care at disaster situations

Krasnov, Vaerly N.

Integration of primary medical care for the treatment of depression anxiety and personality disorders

Kress, Georg

Creative steps out of the trauma – illustrations from the art therapy

Krüger; Harald

Groupdynamic work in the separation process in inpatient psychotherapy

Lemounoff, Oleg K.

Lessner, Erwin

Psychodynamics and treatment of ADHD in child psychotherapy

Leutz, Grete

The creative potential of planned surprise in psychodramatherapy with neurotic and psychotic patients

Lorbacher, Jens

Psychosomatic aspects of Alzheimer’s disease (KV)

Manickham, Sam

Psychodynamic psychotherapy and resistance of trainee therapists: The Indian dilemma

Martius, Philipp

Art therapy in psychiatry

Meinhold, Werner J.

Spirituality, depth psychology and hypnosis in psychotherapy

Peseschkian, Nossrat

Three pillars of Positive Psychotherapy in time of globalization

Nikolaev, Evgeni

Different psychotherapy for different societies? Socialcultural approach to mental orders

Pilecki, Maciej

ADHD in Poland: epidemiological threat?

Pilecki, Maciej

Perception of a family – family-therapy versus individual psychodynamic psychotherapy

Pines, Malcolm

Advances in group analytic diagnosis and treatment

Poirier, Mario

Psychotherapy with the homeless adolescent: clinical and ethical issues

Poloshij, Boris

Ethno cultural approach as necessity for research and practice in psychiatry

Ponciano, Juan Vargas

Negation to execute conditioned reflexes: origin of the mental illness

Reitz, Gertraud/Hessel, Thomas

The relevance of therapeutic living communities in times of changing social systems

Reshetnikov, Mikhail

Sergei Pankeev: one patient – two cases of abuse

Richartz, Dore

How to deal with destructive acting out in a therapeutic community

Rüth, Ulrich

Emergencies to a hospital for child and adolescent psychiatry

Rüth, Ulrich

Balint group work and the thinking of W. R. Bion

Rutz, Wolfgang

Suicide prevention for male persons

Sarac-Hadzihalilovic, Aida

Hippocampal volume in posttraumatic stress disorder

Schmidts, Rolf

Acting out and enactment in individual psychotherapy and large groups

Semke, Valentin

East and west psychotherapy: dimensions for further development

Sharma, Shridar

Ethical issues in psychotherapies

Sinha, Jai B. P.

Indian cultural perspective on health & healing

Solarovic, Jasna/Stritih, Bernhard

Thome, Astrid

Analytic group psychotherapy and destructive aggression

Torre, Jorge de la

Why short term dynamic psychotherapy ?

Tyano, Sam

The inside baby

Urban, Martin

What is new in psychotherapy integrating attachment theory? The power of human relations: attachment theory and G. Ammon’s concept of “social energy”

Urfer, Annick

Schizophrenia, self-disorders and intelligence

Urspruch, Ingeborg

Psychoanalytic theatre therapy – Catharsis, self-realization and creativity (with video)

Vidojevic; Oliver/Bradic, Zagorka/ Hil, Olivera/Dukanac, Vesna/ Stankovic, Sandra/Marjanovic, Anka/ Lecic Tosevski, Dusica

New achievements in mental health care and psychotherapy of adolescents in Serbia

Yamaguchi, Tashi/Tzay-Chwan Liou/Hong-Chieh Hsu/Yu-Lin Liu/Wie-Wen Chang/ Chin-Tang Kuo

Usefulness of applause and keyword in group psychotherapy and supervision

Welldon, Estela

Incest: A therapeutic challenge

Winkelmann, Ulrike/Weber, Bettina/Witte, Anitta

The importance of group dynamic processes for the therapeutic work in milieu therapy

Wottrich, Karin

Acting out in psychotherapy with adolescents

Zepinic, Vito

The sense of self and suicidal behaviour

Zepinic, Vito

Healing traumatic memories




Nonverbal creative therapies in inpatient Dynamic Psychiatry”

Ammon, Maria/Fabian, Egon

Ammon, Maria

Dance therapy

Schmidts, Rolf/Fabian, Egon

Music therapy

Kress, Georg

Creative steps out of the trauma – illustrations from the art therapy

Horseback riding therapy

Fischer, Renate/Beck, Kerstin

Groupdynamic and creative aspects of inpatient theatretherapy

Creative Writing in Dynamic Psychiatry

Therapeutic creativity at the end of the life”

Bahne Bahnson, Claus

Therapeutic experience with terminally ill and very old patients

Bilek, Hans Peter

What we can learn from accompanying people in the final phase of life

Only the night can hear me cry – professional misinterpretations in autistic spectrum disorders”

Brand Flu, Ruth

Brand Flu, Ruth

Blue crackers and a whole lot of eye

Laurens, Dale

What you see is not what you get

Incultural psychotherapy with migrants from Russia. Theoretical implications and practice”

Machleidt, Wielant

Machleidt, Wielant

Psychotherapy with migrants

Zolotova, J.

Psychotherapeutic aspects in psychiatric care of migrants from Russia

Hoffmann, K.

Forensic psychotherapy with migrants from Russia

Bondar, A.

Prevention of addiction in migrants from Russia using the mediators approach

Conflict resolution”

Minton, Nathaniel/Thome, Astrid

Ali, Numan; Baghdad

The impact of war and conflict on mental health in Iraq

Tyano, Sam; Tel Aviv

The day after

Hazboun, Viveca; Bethelham

Process of cultural change – the risk of new pathology”

Pilecki, Maciej

Between psychodynamic and neurobiology: the patient, his history, his suffering but also his hopes”

Quartier, Florence

Zuber, Antoine

Feuché, Nathalie

Liermier, Catherine

Yoga, spirituality and mental health”

Sharma, Shridar

Sharma, Shridar

Yoga, spirituality and mental health

Singh, Amarendra N.

Role of yoga therapies in psychosomatic disorders

WPA – Section Symposium

WPA-Section “Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry”:

Modern clinical practices: psychodynamics and psychiatry and vice versa””

Quartier, Florence

Feuché, Nathalie

Zuber, Antoine

WPA-Section “Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry”:

Modern psychiatric treatment: avoiding exclusion, integrating psychoanalysis, finding pleasure and values with institutional world”

Quartier, Florence

Lacroix, Jean-Matthieu

Between in and outpatient treatment, from counter-attitude to counter transferential elements

Ferro; Alexis

WPA Interzonal symposium of the European Region:

The psychiatry for the person – modern challenges for prevention, health promotion and treatment

Tosevski, Dusica/Schmolke, Margit

Küey, Levent

Prevention in psychiatry: a need or a wishful thought?

Botbol, Michel

How to deal with the adolescent’s specific difficulties to access psychic preventive care

Schmolke; Margit

Resilience – a future concept in prevention and health promotion

Lecic-Tosevski, Dusica

Is prevention of personality disorders possible?

Amering, Michaela



Ammon, Maria

Humanstructural Dance

Bahne Bahnson, Claus

Transference and counter-transference in intensive therapy

Brand Flu, Ruth

Autism, their rhythm and blues

Calehr, Hallym


Harding, Courtenay

Systemic biopsychosocial method to reassess persons struggling with schizophrenia

Kiem, Petra/Lautenschläger Ruth

Creative power in human structural dance theatre (with video demonstration)

García de Sola Márquez, Adolfo

States of consciousness and improvement in psychotherapy

Reitz, Gertraud/Schmidts, Rolf/ Heyden, Saskia

The dimension of the music in out patient dance therapy (workshop with video)

Martius, Philipp

Psychodynamic psychotherapy for Borderline patients: TFP by Otto Kernberg

Simonsen, Erik

WPA Educational Programm on Personality Disorders

Thome, Astrid/Kaufmann, Marie-Therese/Cox, Hellmuth/Lessner, Erwin/Tapavicza, Heide

What happens in a children’s group after the parents’ group meeting. First results (workshop with video)

Schmidts, Rolf

Dynamic Psychiatry. Music therapy


Bihler, Thomas

The integration of attachment concepts into psychodynamic therapy

Fabian, Egon

Dynamic psychiatric inpatient psychotherapy